Cal Spas - Performance F-1325-PP


  • Smoke
  • Mist Grey


  • Sterling Silver

Cal Spas - Performance F-1325-PP

Take our standard Fitness Swim Spas and add 2 more powerful 6BHP Swim Pumps and a 3rd 6BHP 2-Speed-Changeable Spa Pump along with extra LEDs and 6 Hydro Streamers and this swim spa can change from a peaceful mountain stream to a challenging current of the Colorado river! The F-1325-PP allows endless swimming at beginner to advanced levels. While you use the fitness handlebars and anchors, you will notice jets at your feet. The F-1325-PP has bench seating along the tub for your friends and family to join you as you work out.

Seating Capacity 11
Water Capacity 1600 Gallons (6,056 L)
Dimensions 93" X 151" X 51"
Total Jets 25

Add Optional Spa Ownership Enhancements


Swim Spa Cover

Swim Spa Cover Lifter



Pergola / Gazebo


Water Care Subscription Program


Swim Jet System I
River Jet
5.5kW Titanium Heater
5″ Multi-Color LED Spa Light